Catalog # Artist Album Title Street Date Release Type
M-254 STINKY Solace   CD/LP
M-250 VERNI Cemetary Safari 7/17/24 Digital Single
M-249 EARTHBURNER Permanent Dawn 7/10/24 Digital Single
M-248 STINKY Down in the Dumps 6/26/24 Digital Single
M-247 SHADE OF SORROW Blackheart 6/19/24 Digital Single
M-246 AMIENSUS The Distance 6/12/24 Digital Single
M-243 VERNI Lunkhead 6/5/24 Digital Single
M-242 AVERNUS Nemesis 5/22/24 Digital Single
M-241 MYTHRAEUM Beyond The Void 5/29/24 Digital Single
M-240 SMASH ATOMS Into The Light 5/1/24 Digital Single
M-235 HATCHET Leave No Soul   CD/LP/CS
M-234 SMASH ATOMS Smash Atoms   CD/LP
M-233 AMIENSUS Reclamation Pt II 8/30/24 CD/LP
M-232 AMIENSUS Senses Amplified 4/10/24 Digital Single
M-231 HATCHET Dying To Exist 5/10/24 Digital Reissue
M-230 HATCHET Dawn of the End 5/10/24 Digital Reissue
M-228 MYTHRAEUM Skies Torn Asunder 3/27/24 Digital Single
M-227 MALPHAS Leviathan's Moonlit Sanctum 3/19/24 Digital Single
M-225 EARTHBURNER Slaves to the Screen 3/6/24 Digital Single
M-224 ANUBIS Priestess of Dark Paradise 2/21/24 Digital Single
M-223 AVERNUS Grievances 9/20/24 CD/2LP
M-222 VERNI Dreadful Company 7/26/24 CD/LP
M-221 NOVAREIGN Ironsides 2/28/24 Digital Single
M-220 MALPHAS Red Shield Syndicate 2/7/24 Digital Single
M-219 AMIENSUS Vermillion Fog Of War 1/31/24 Digital Single
M-218 VARMIA z mar twych 4/18/24 CD Reissue
M-217 EARTHBURNER Permanent Dawn 11/8/24 CD/LP/CS
M-216 MALPHAS Portal 3/29/24 CD
M-215 SMASH ATOMS Down 1/10/24 Digital Single
M-214 HATCHET Fear Beyond Lunacy 1/5/24 Digital Reissue
M-213 ANUBIS Heartless 1/3/24 Digital Single
M-212 AMIENSUS Reverie 12/13/23 Digital Single
M-211 MYTHRAEUM Oblivion Aeternam 6/6/24 CD/2LP
M-210 SHADE OF SORROW Upon the Fields of Grief 6/28/24 CD/LP
M-209 HATCHET Leave No Soul 12/6/23 Digital Single
M-208 AMIENSUS Reclamation 4/26/24 CD/2LP
M-207 IMMORTAL GUARDIAN Rise of the Phoenix 10/10/23 Digital Single
M-206 ANUBIS Devour 11/1/23 Digital Single
M-205 STINKY Oxbow 10/13/23 Digital Single
M-204 TEGMENTUM Genetic Assimilation 8/23/23 Digital Single
M-203 ANUBIS Dark Paradise 2/23/24 CD/Vinyl
M-202 KARRAS Lutheran Blade 8/2/23 Digital Single
M-201 TEGMENTUM I Remain 7/26/23 Digital Single
M-200 FORBIDDEN Omega Wave 4/20/24 Vinyl Reissue
M-199 BLESSED CURSE Subspecies 6/21/23 Digital Single
M-198 VARMIA Dies Tremor 6/14/23 Digital Single
M-197 TEGMENTUM Accolades 5/31/23 Digital Single
M-196 KARRAS Roland Doe 5/24/23 Digital Single
M-195 KARRAS Demons Got Rhythm 5/17/23 Digital Single
M-194 VARMIA Agre 5/10/23 Digital Single
M-193 VINTERSEA Into the Horizon 5/3/23 Digital single
M-192 BLESSED CURSE Throne Of Bones 4/26/23 Digital Single
M-191 CHROME WAVES Broken 4/19/23 Digital Single
M-190 VINTERSEA Unveiling Light 4/12/23 Digital Single
M-189 VARMIA DAINA 4 4/5/23 Digital Single
M-188 IMMORTAL GUARDIAN Roots Run Deep (feat. Ralf Scheepers) 3/22/23 Digital Single
M-187 KARRAS We Poison Their Young 8/25/23 CD/Vinyl
M-186 VINTERSEA At the Gloaming Void 3/15/23 Digital Single
M-185 VINTERSEA Woven Into Ashes 5/5/23 CD/2LP
M-184 HEADLESS Withered Flowers (feat. Jeff Young) 3/8/23 Digital Single
M-183 CHROME WAVES The Nail 2/22/23 Digital Single
M-182 GOD FORBID Earthsblood 1/26/24 Vinyl Reissue
M-181 GOD FORBID IV: Constitution of Treason 10/20/23 Vinyl Reissue
M-179 SCARDUST Evolution of the Disney Princess (But She's METAL) 12/19/22 Digital Single
M-178 CHROME WAVES Under The Weight Of A Billion Souls 12/7/22 Digital Single
M-177 MYTHRAEUM Terrestrial Despair 1/25/23 Digital Single
M-176 MYTHRAEUM Halls Of Mythras 2/24/23 Digital EP
M-175 IMMORTAL GUARDIAN Perfect Person 10/19/22 Digital Single
M-174 WOE UNTO ME Blood-Black Nothingness Stops Spinning 11/16/22 Digital Single
M-173 ANZILLU Discordia 11/9/22 Digital Single
M-172 BLESSED CURSE Pray For Armageddon 10/13/23 CD/LP
M-171 CHROME WAVES Earth Will Shed Its Skin 4/28/23 CD/LP
M-170 BLACK ROYAL The Ghosts of the Dead 10/12/22 Digital Single
M-169 ANZILLU The Cleansing Flame 10/5/22 Digital Single
M-168 IMMORTAL GUARDIAN Southern Rain 8/16/22 Digital Single
M-167 SILVER TALON Bloodflow 8/31/22 Digital EP
M-166 ANZILLU Ex Nihilo 1/27/23 CD/Vinyl
M-165 SANTA CRUZ Disarm Me 8/17/22 Digital Single
M-164 BLACK ROYAL 13th Moon 8/24/22 Digital Single
M-163 WARBRINGER Total War: The Complete Cassette Box 3/10/23 Cassette Box Set
M-162 WOE UNTO ME Deep Beneath The Burden 7/27/22 Digital Single
M-161 ANZILLU Trumpets of War 7/20/22 Digital Single
M-160 THE ABSENCE Enemy Unbound 5/17/24 Reissue Vinyl
M-159 THE ABSENCE Riders of the Plague 5/17/24 Reissue Vinyl
M-158 THE ABSENCE From Your Grave 5/17/24 Reissue Vinyl
M-157 TEGMENTUM Evolvement 8/25/23 CD/Vinyl
M-156 GRAVESHADOW  Vengeance of Envy 7/6/22 Digital Single
M-155 LIVING WRECKAGE Endless War 6/8/22 Digital Single
M-154 BLACK ROYAL Earthbound 6/1/22 Digital Single
M-153 SANTA CRUZ Here Comes The Revolution 6/22/22 Digital Single
M-152 SANTA CRUZ  The Return Of The Kings 8/23/22 CD/Vinyl
M-151 HELSOTT Babylon: Scarlett's Saloon 5/11/22 Digital Single
M-150 IMMORTAL GUARDIAN Unite and Conquer spring 2023 CD/Vinyl
M-149 GRAVESHADOW The Swordsman 5/18/22 Digital Single
M-148 IMMORTAL GUARDIAN Ozona 4/22/22 Digital Single
M-147 GUILLOTINE A.D. Exile 5/4/22 Digital Single
M-146 PIST.ON Cold World+  7/29/22 CD
M-145 WOE UNTO ME Along the Meandering Ordeals... 3/24/23 CD/Gatefold 2LP
M-144 HELSOTT Independence Night 4/6/22 Digital Single
M-143 SILVER TALON Power of the Night 3/30/22 Digital Single
M-142 GRAVESHADOW Solider of 34 3/23/22 Digital Single
M-141 STINKY Resolve EP 4/27/22 Digital Single
M-140 FUELED BY FIRE Non-Existent 3/2/22 Digital Single
M-139 VARMIA nie nas widzę 6/16/23 CD/2LP
M-138 VARMIA Prolog 1/6/23 Digital EP
M-137 OHM The 9th One 5/25/23 Digital Single
M-136 OHM Exit Stage Left 3/16/22 Digital Single
M-135 GUILLOTINE A.D. Hammer 2/16/22 Digital Single
M-134 FUELED BY FIRE Mangled Truth 2/2/22 Digital Single
M-133 HELSOTT I'll Make Ya Famous 2/22/22 Digital Single
M-132 BITTER END Have a Nice Death! 4/5/24 Vinyl Reissue
M-131 MANTIC RITUAL Heart Set Stone 9/2/22 CD/Cassette
M-130 BLACK ROYAL Earthbound 10/21/22 CD/Vinyl
M-129 GUILLOTINE A.D. Born To Fall 6/24/22 CD/Vinyl
M-128 MANTIC RITUAL Black Funeral 1/26/22 Digital Single
M-127 ABSTRACTED Atma Conflux 4/15/22 CD
M-126 HELSOTT Will and the Witch 1/19/22 Digital Single
M-125 FUELED BY FIRE Disrupt 11/17/21 Digital Single
M-124 LIVING WRECKAGE Living Wreckage 9/23/22 CD/Vinyl
M-123 ABSTRACTED Between Samsara and Samadhi 11/3/21 Digital Single
M-122 FUELED BY FIRE Bloodshed 9/14/21 Digital Single
M-121 HELSOTT Will and the Witch 5/20/22 CD/2LP
M-120 WARBRINGER Weapons of Tomorrow 3/10/23 CS (part of box set)
M-119 WARBRINGER Woe to the Vanquished 3/10/23 CS (part of box set)
M-118 WARBRINGER One By One the Wicked Fall 3/10/23 CS (part of box set)
M-117 WARBRINGER Born of the Ruins 3/10/23 CS (part of box set)
M-116 ABSTRACTED Wither To Dust 6/22/21 Digital Single
M-115 WHITE WIZZARD Flight of Icarus 6/29/21 Digital Single
M-114 SHADOWS FALL The War Within 4/22/23 Vinyl Reissue
M-113 HATCHET Awaiting Evil 9/9/22 Vinyl Reissue
M-112 WARBRINGER IV: Empires Collapse 3/8/24 Vinyl Reissue
M-111 WARBRINGER Worlds Torn Asunder 3/8/24 Vinyl Reissue
M-110 WARBRINGER Waking Into Nightmares 3/8/24 Vinyl Reissue
M-109 WARBRINGER War Without End 2/9/24 Cassette reissue
M-108 BITTER END Harsh Realities 8/22/22 Vinyl Reissue
M-107 PANIC Epidemic 11/18/22 Vinyl Reissue
M-106 MANTIC RITUAL Crusader 1/28/22 7" 
M-105 LET US PREY Deadlight Sunset 7/1/21 Digital Single
M-104 LET US PREY In Suffering 5/18/21 Digital Single
M-103 THE SONIC OVERLORDS Utopia 5/20/21 Digital Single
M-102 FUELED BY FIRE Past...Present... No Future Part 2 3/4/21 7"/CD EP
M-101 FUELED BY FIRE Past...Present... No Future Part 1 11/12/21 7" 
M-100 GRAVESHADOW The Uncertain Hour 7/15/22 CD/Vinyl
M-099 MORDRED Demonic #7 4/28/21 Digital Single
M-098 HEADLESS Woman in White 4/21/21 Digital Single
M-097 THE SONIC OVERLORDS Last Days of Babylon 10/22/21 CD/Vinyl
M-096 HEADLESS Square One 9/24/21 CD/Vinyl
M-095 GOD FORBID Gone Forever 6/10/22 Vinyl Reissue
M-094 SHADOWS FALL The Art of Balance 11//26/22 Vinyl reissue
M-093 WHITE WIZZARD Viral Insanity 6/29/21 Digital Single
M-092 SWORN ENEMY Total World Domination 3/10/23 Vinyl Reissue
M-091 HEXEN Being and Nothingness 2/11/22 LP/CD/Cassette Reissue
M-090 HEXEN State of Insurgency 10/15/21 LP/CD/Cassette Reissue
M-089 TOXIC RUIN Nightmare Eclipse (single) 4/14/21 Single
M-088 TOXIC RUIN Nightmare Eclipse 8/27/21 CD/Vinyl
M-087 SONIC OVERLORDS In My Darkest Room 1/6/21 Digital Single
M-086 SWORN ENEMY Maniacal 3/10/23 Vinyl Reissue
M-085 VARMIA Bielmo 12/10/20 Digital Single
M-083 & M-084 GOD FORBID Determination 7/17/21 Vinyl Reissue
M-082 LIVING WRECKAGE One Foot In The Grave EP 9/1/22 CD 
M-081 VARMIA Bal Lada 3/12/21 CD/2LP
M-080 IMMORTAL GUARDIAN Read Between the Lines 11/2/20 Digital Single
M-079 SILVER TALON Decadence and Decay 5/28/21 CD/Vinyl
M-078 SILVER TALON Deceiver, I Am 2/26/21 7"
M-077 DIVINE HERESY Bringer of Plagues 5/7/21 Vinyl Reissue
M-076 DIVINE HERESY Bleed the Fifth 5/7/21 Vinyl Reissue
M-075 MORDRED The Dark Parade 7/23/21 CD/Vinyl/Cassette
M-074 THE ABSENCE Coffinized 6/25/21 CD/Gatefold LP
M-073 IMMORTAL GUARDIAN Psychosomatic 2/12/21 CD/Vinyl
M-072 SWORN ENEMY Beginning of the End 3/10/23 Vinyl Reissue
M-071 SHADOWS FALL Of One Blood April 2021 Vinyl Reissue
M-070 SCARDUST Strangers 10/30/20 CD/Vinyl
M-069 NELVARA The Black Flame 8/28/20 CD Reissue
M-068 CEMICAN Yook ol Kaab Maya 6/19/20 Digital
M-067 GRAVESHADOW Gwynnbleidd 5/29/20 Single/Digital
M-066 VINTERSEA The Gravity of Fall 10/16/20 CD/2LP Reissue
M-065 INTO ETERNITY The Incurable Tragedy 8/14/20 Vinyl Reissue
M-064 INTO ETERNITY Into Eternity 8/14/20 CD/Vinyl Reissue
M-062 HELSOTT Woven 11/13/20 CD/Vinyl Reissue
M-061 HECATE ENTHRONED Virulent Rapture 9/25/20 CD/Vinyl Reissue
M-060 STINKY Of Lost Things 6/12/20 CD/Vinyl
M-059 LET US PREY Virtues of the Vicious 7/24/20 CD/Vinyl
M-058 SICARIUS God of Dead Roots 3/13/20 CD/Vinyl
M-057 SCARDUST Shadow EP 10/7/19 Digital EP
M-056 SCARDUST Mist 10/7/19 Digital Single
M-055 SICARIUS A Practiced Hand 11/15/19 Digital Single
M-054 HAZZERD Delirium 1/24/20 CD/Vinyl/Cassette
M-053 SANTA CRUZ Katharsis 10/18/19 Neon Violet LP
M-052 DANKO JONES Fists up High 9/20/19 Digital Single
M-051 EXMORTUS Legions of the Undead 10/25/19 CD/Vinyl/CS
M-050 VOICES OF RUIN Path to Immortality 5/15/20 CD/Vinyl
M-049 SANTA CRUZ Katharsis 10/18/19 CD/Vinyl/Cassette
M-048 VINTERSEA Illuminated 9/27/19 CD/Vinyl
M-047 CEMICAN La Que Baja De Las Estrellas 5/21/19 digital single
M-046 CEMICAN In Ohtli Teoyohtica in Miquiztli 8/23/19 CD/Vinyl
M-045 SANTA CRUZ Tell Me Why 5/21/19 Digital Single
M-044 BLADE KILLER High Risk mid-2019 Black LP Reissue
M-043 THE ABSENCE Do What you Want 5/17/19 Digital Single
M-042 THE ABSENCE Walking Shadows 5/10/19 Digital Single/Cassette
M-041 SANTA CRUZ Changing of Seasons 4/18/19 Digital Single
M-040 SCARDUST Sands of Time 5/24/19 CD/Gatefold 2LP
M-039 NEVALRA Conjure the Storm 6/7/19 CD/Vinyl
M-038 BACKYARD BABIES Sliver & Gold 3/29/19 CD/Vinyl
M-037 DANKO JONES A Rock Supreme 4/26/19 CD/Gatefold Vinyl
M-036 MALEVOLENT CREATION The 13th Beast 3/1/19 CD/LP/CS
M-035 BLADE KILLER High Risk early 2019 Red/Black Split Vinyl reissue
M-034 HISS FROM THE MOAT The Harrier 12/14/18 Digital Single
M-033 HISS FROM THE MOAT The Harrier 2/22/19 CD/Vinyl
M-032 DANKO JONES Burn in Hell 11/2/18 Digital Single
M-031 SWORN ENEMY Gamechanger 4/5/19 CD/Vinyl
M-030 HECATE ENTHRONED Embrace the Godless Age 1/25/19 CD/Vinyl
M-029 DANKO JONES We're Crazy 9/21/18 Digital Single
M-028 INTO ETERNITY The Sirens 10/26/18 CD/Vinyl
M-027 DEVILSTAR Dazed & Confused 7/27/18 Digital Single
M-026 IMMORTAL GUARDIAN Zephon 6/29/18 Digital Single
M-025 BLADE KILLER High Risk 11/23/18 CD/Vinyl/Cassette
M-024 HELSOTT Slaves and Gods 10/12/18 CD/Vinyl
M-023 CULTURAL WARFARE Warmageddon 9/14/18 CD
M-022 IMMORTAL GUARDIAN Age of Revolution 9/28/18 CD/Vinyl
M-021 DEVILSTAR Beyond The Realms of Death 4/13/18 Digital Single
M-020 GRAVESHADOW Ambition's Price 2/23/18 CD
M-019 DEMON LUNG Pareidololia 3/23/18 Vinyl Reissue
M-018 THE ABSENCE A Gift For The Obsessed 3/23/18 CD/Vinyl
M-017 SANTA CRUZ Bad Blood Rising 11/10/17 CD/Vinyl
M-016 NOVAREIGN Legends 2/16/18 CD
M-015 SICARIUS Serenade of Slitting Throats 10/13/17 CD/CS
M-014 WHITE WIZZARD Infernal Overdrive 1/12/18 CD/Vinyl
M-013 EMPYREAN THRONE Chaosborne 8/1/17 CD
M-012 APOTHESARY Accept Loss Forever 7/7/17 CD
M-011 BLACKFINGER When Colors Fade Away 9/15/17 CD/Vinyl
M-010 TENGGER CAVALRY Die on My Ride 6/2/17 CD/Vinyl
M-009 HELSOTT The Healer EP 4/28/17 CD
M-008 BLESSED CURSE Beware of the Night EP 3/31/17 CD
M-007 SICOCIS Requiem of the World 2/24/17 CD
M-006 CULTURAL WARFARE Future Kill EP 1/27/17 CD
M-005 APOTHESARY Sensory Overload EP 2014 CD
M-004 EPIDEMIC Pandemic: The Demo Anthology 2012 CD
M-003 BLESSED CURSE Blessed Curse 2012 CD
M-002 THE HORDE OF TORMENT Distorted Recollections 2015 CD
M-001 PAPSMEAR Music to Kill By 2008 CD + DVD