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Check “Senses Amplified” Online Now – New Album Out April 26th

AMIENSUS, the US Progressive Black Metal band, offer another sample from their forthcoming album with “Senses Amplified.” The digital single is on all streaming/download platforms now, along with its accompanying lyric video – Watch HERE 

“’Senses Amplified’ should feel familiar to longtime Amiensus listeners, but crossed into some new territory we've never explored musically,” explains singer/guitarist James Benson. “Kakophonix guests adding cello in lieu of any synths on this song. This song is about a dream, but the interpretation is up to the listener.”

“Senses Amplified” follows earlier singles “Vermillion Fog of War” and “Reverie” as AMIENSUS set up their forthcoming album, ‘Reclamation: Part 1,’ for release April 26th on Digipak CD and limited colored vinyl (300 Turquoise Blue). Preorders are already underway HERE  

Hear why Metal Injection calls AMIENSUS “arguably one of the best progressive black metal bands out there” or Two Angry Guys refer to them as “masterful black metal.” But while rooted in the harshness of that scene AMIENSUS offer so much more to listeners as evidenced by Metal Temple describing them as such - “harsh angry tones combine with pretty, ambient moments… it’s depressing music, but in a beautiful way.”

 “Our current lineup has been together for the past 6 years, and this album being a double album, is our proclamation to the world that we are still here, and as strong as ever,” continues James. “Lyrically it covers a myriad of subjects, many of which pertain to my experience as a therapist and drug and alcohol counselor for the last 10 years, as well as our experiences with religion and spirituality, addiction, and world events.”

James Benson may be a familiar name to fans of the label as James also fronts Midwest post-black metal operatives and labelmates CHROME WAVES, and hence the personal introduction needed to cement future work with AMIENSUS. In addition to James, AMIENSUS includes GHOST BATH drummer Chris Piette plus guitarists Alec Rozsa, Kelsey Roe and bassist Todd Farnham.

AMIENSUS’ new album, ‘Reclamation: Part 1,’ featuring cover artwork by Aria Fawn, will be followed in late summer by another album containing more melancholic, epic, harsh and emotional takes on progressive black metal, perfect for fans of like-minded visionaries Agalloch, Enslaved, Borknagar and Insomnium. 

AMIENSUS formed in Minnesota in 2010 as a project amongst friends, who self-released an EP that same year. It took 3 years for the band to develop into a full group that included expanding their lineup way beyond state lines to find the right talents and mindsets and release the atmospheric black metal must-have album ‘Restoration’ in 2013. Two years later AMIENSUS were back with the more polished and well-received ‘Ascension,’ which introduced Alec and Todd to the ranks. 2017 marked the release of the lengthy EP, ‘All Paths Lead To Death’ (Apathia/Black Lion Records) which saw the band drop some of the heavy orchestration in favor of more melodic death and black metal passages and introduced Chris. In 2020 AMIENSUS signed with Transcending Records to release the heralded ‘Abreaction,’ which now also included Kelsey. That same lineup remains and has recorded the anticipated ‘Reclamation,’ out April 26th on M-Theory Audio.

Seattle Thrashers BITTER END Release ‘Have A Nice Death!’  

April 5th release date for band’s collection on limited-edition colored-vinyl 

Following up on M-Theory Audio’s 2022 reissue of the 1990 album ‘Harsh Realities’ from Pacific Northwest thrashers, BITTER END, we’re pleased to present this collection of the Seattle thrashers demo recordings on limited-edition (300 copies) colored vinyl for release April 5th.

‘Have a Nice Death!’ collects the band’s classic 1988 ‘Meet Your Maker’ 4-song demo plus their early ‘90s recordings (6 songs) that were the beginnings of their unrealized 2nd full length album. Available on Hazardous Sludge colored vinyl the album will be in stores or available  at or   

“Many thanks from the BITTER END crew to M-Theory Audio for reissuing ‘Have A Nice Death!’ and ‘Harsh Realities,’ and also to our longtime who can now get a fresh copy to replace that old worn-out one,” states singer/guitarist Matt Fox. “We are all honored to have your continued interest and support!”

M-Theory Audio head honcho Marco Barbieri was a big fan of BITTER END’s demo after the band mailed him a copy of the cassette for review in his fanzine in 1988. Still citing it as one of his Top 10 favorite demos of all-time, Marco is honored to bring more attention to these unheralded recordings. 

“Bitter End were one of my favorite up ‘n comers and I thought the ‘Meet Your Maker’ demo was a standout in the underground and showed the group’s promise and potential,” adds Marco. “Bitter End was signed to Metal Blade and released ‘Harsh Realities’ in 1990, and while it’s still an unheralded classic in my opinion, the band had already parted ways with the label by the time I started for Metal Blade a year later. Little did I know until a decade ago that work had actually begun on a second album, and along with ‘Meet Your Maker’ I’m pleased to present these six songs in a collectible vinyl format for longtime fans like me and hopefully a new generation to appreciate.”

The new material was being produced in part by Jack Endino (Nirvana, Bruce Dickinson, Mudhoney, 3 Inches of Blood) and mastered by Chris Hanzsek (Soundgarden, The Melvins, Skin Yard), but no worries BITTER END didn’t change styles due to emerging trends and their proximity to the epicenter of grunge. The reissue is complete with liner notes from guitarist Russ Stefanovich alongside lyrics, credits and thanks insert.

The roots of BITTER END date back to the early 1980's Southern California upbringing of then-teenage brothers Matt (guitars) and Chris Fox (bass), who began jamming together after being inspired by then-local acts such as Slayer and Armored Saint, and then-burgeoning Bay Area acts of the time such as Metallica and Exodus that would travel south for live performances. The brothers would relocate to suburban Seattle in 1983, and would join forces with drummer Harry Dearinger and later, guitarist Russ Stefanovich, to form the classic lineup of BITTER END with Matt taking on lead vocal duties. The group were mainstays of the late 1980's pre-grunge Seattle heavy metal scene that also gave rise to fellow Pacific Northwest thrashers of the era such as Forced Entry and Panic. 

After the success of their demo tape, “Meet Your Maker,” an underground favorite amongst fanzines, college radio stations and tape traders BITTER END signed with Metal Blade Records and released “Harsh Realities,” their lone full-length record, in 1990. Produced by Randy Burns (Megadeth, Kreator, Death, Nuclear Assault) and featuring cover artwork by Jim Warren (Loudness, Lizzy Borden, Heir Apparent) ‘Harsh Realities’ garnered critical acclaim and a cult following for a thrash metal assault that bludgeoned ears with musical precision that appealed to fans of acts such as Megadeth, Forbidden, and Testament. Receiving strong reviews at the time from Metal Forces and Kerrang!, and the music video for the title track getting airplay on MTV's “Headbanger's Ball.” The band cultivated their live presence with prolific shows in their hometown scene alongside future giants such as Soundgarden and Alice In Chains, and toured alongside fellow thrash greats such as Sacred Reich and DRI. 

Despite the members of BITTER END calling it a day in 1993 they have continued to pursue further musical endeavors in the years that followed. Matt Fox would go on to play a part of a re-formed lineup of 1980's thrashers Holy Terror and punk rockers Zero Down. Chris Fox has performed in a number of acts, and most notably handled bass duties on Geoff Tate's 2002 debut self-titled solo record. Russ Stefanovich has performed in the years since with Seattle heavy metal acts Midnight Idöls and Demon Dogs, while drummer Harry Dearinger has continued to be a consistent presence within the Seattle heavy metal scene.

“SKIES TORN ASUNDER” – The New Single/Video from US Black Metal’s 

MYTHRAEUM’s Forthcoming Full-Length

Last year we introduced you to MYTHRAEUM via the EP release, ‘Halls of Mythras.’ The San Diego-based Black Metal band won us over after beating out over 140 other artists vying to win the Wacken Metal Battle, competing at the prestigious German festival and showing so much potential.

That potential while hinted to on the EP, is now becoming clearly defined as we present the first single from the group’s forthcoming new full-length. “Skies Torn Asunder” steps up from what was heard previously and further previews the barbarity, yet musical majesty that the quintet possesses sure to please fans new and old of harsh, cold and extreme music.

"This track will definitely be a favorite for fans of epic metal,” boldly claims MYTHRAEUM. “It takes the melodic, fast-paced riffing style of acts such as Wintersun and Kalmah and gives it a darker, more aggressive edge. A 'get-up-and-go' type song that is sure to get the pit moving.”

The “Skies Torn Asunder” digital single is complemented by a video created by Raf Ortega (Hecate Enthroned, The Absence, Helsott) for the song, which can be seen HERE

The song is the first track we’re showcasing from MYTHRAEUM’s anticipated full-length effort, planned for an early summer release. The band’s proper features a crushing and technical rhythm section, folky melodies, shreddy guitar wizardry and gut-wrenching vocals. Watch for more news, music and pre-order soon.