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GRAVESHADOW Debut “The Betrayer” Music Video

More Live Shows Announced

The Sacramento-based quintet GRAVESHADOW – who deftly mixes symphonic/gothic metal with elements and influences from a variety of styles to create something epic, progressive, melodic and powerful - release a brand-new music video for “The Betrayer” from their recently release comeback album, ‘The Uncertain Hour’ which can be seen HERE.

The footage that comprises the clip was shot on the band’s recent west coast headlining tour from a show at Seattle’s Funhouse venue by Karl Whinnery, bassist from tour and labelmates Vintersea.

"The Betrayer' was written with the intention of continuing the more power metal direction that was introduced with the release of [the first single] 'Gwynnbleidd,'" explains guitarist Aaron Robitsch. [Guitarist] Will also wanted to make more use of guitar harmonies, and I think this song showcases that well. It also continues a theme we have become known for - lyrics about World of Warcraft."

"This song became an early favorite of mine during the recording process. Aaron worked out the idea to have a video shot while we were on tour and the fantastic Karl Whinnery from Vintersea helped us out by shooting it," states guitarist William Lloyd Walker. "Really happy with how it came out a huge thank to Karl for helping us put this together."

GRAVESHADOW's third album, 'The Uncertain Hour,' was produced by Miss May I guitarist Justin Aufdemkampe (Clutch, War Of Ages), mastered by Alberto De Icaza (Crobot, Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist) and features artwork by Roman Ismaylov (Battle beast, Beast In Black). It sees a new lineup for GRAVESHADOW now augmented by the newfound energy that has been brought into the band by the soaring melocid performance of new vocalist "Rachl "Raxx" Quinn and the rumbling rhythm section of new bassist Luci Rae and new drummer Bones Padilla (ex-Cultural Warfare). The returning guitar duo of William Lloyd Walker and Aaron Robitsch once again deliver a beautiful display of guitar histrionics that tastefully mix searing shred with warm melody, while Aaron even adds some harsh backing vocals. GRAVESHADOW are back on the scene with a story to tell. Intertwining melodic highs and crushing lows to sweep listeners away on a journey of self-discovery, loss and the will to carry on. 

Jewelcase CDs and limited edition vinyl (200 copies) of 'The Uncertain Hour' are available in stores or can be ordered online HERE, as well as digital download/streaming. 

Three digital singles and videos have been released in the buildup for the album. The first taste of new music from the reformed lineup came with The Witcher inspired song “Gwynnebleidd” way back in May 2020. It proved the revamped quintet could create new music and be accepted by their existing fanbase and a new audience. Collaborating on more new music further sessions continued and were evidenced by “Soldier Of 34” and “The Swordsman” (the latter even featuring guest vocals from Chelsea Murphy of Dawn of Ouroboros, Cailleach Calling and Tegmentum).

Additionally, GRAVESHADOW will perform two shows in Northern California next month with direct support on both shows coming from buzzworthy So Cal band Our Dying World.

Upcoming GRAVESHADOW live shows:

10/14 Cafe Colonial - Sacramento, CA

10/15 Hotel Utah Saloon - San Francisco, CA

Alternative Metal Band MORDRED Release ‘Demonic #7’ Music Video

Featuring Testament’s Chuck Billy

The influential San Francisco alternative thrash metal act MORDRED have revealed a new music video for “Demonic #7,” which can be viewed HERE. The video is the latest visual piece for the band’s first new album in over 25 years, ‘The Dark Parade’ which was shot and edited by Eddie Granillo (Instagram @kept1) and stars Testament vocalist Chuck Billy as… the devil.

"The way I remember it, Eddie and Jeff [Gomes], our drummer came up with the Chuck Billy devil storyline. It was Szandora LaVey [daughter of the infamous Anton LaVey] who was able to talk Chuck into painting him up when she came with the red paint, devil horns and the idea of being demon ladies," explains singer Scott Holderby about the behind-the-scenes process.

"Szan and Edie Eve choreographed all of their moves, and our good friend Larry Chandeler did all of the animations and post-production so that Eddie could edit. It was a really fun shoot, despite a dry ice debacle, but oh well, we had our personal smoke machine to puff it up. It was also nice that our seventh band member Chris Powell could be in the video (as he helped write the song and played on the recording of it). Ken Mooney crushed his part too (he's actually a great singer in real life0. The are realms even lower than hell..."

MORDRED continues to promote ‘The Dark Parade’ with more videos and live shows in the works. In recent months the band recently completed west coast shows with Defiance, a festival appearance at Blades of Steel in WI and a trip to Europe to play Hellfest in France. Next up Sept. 30th headlining Club Fox in Redwood City, CA.

‘The Dark Parade’ is available on CD, cassette and digital but another vinyl variant will be available later this fall, since the original limited colored vinyl sold out so quickly. The new version will be black/red splatter and can be pre-ordered now HERE along with CD, cassette and digital links.

“Demonic #7” follows music videos for “All Eyes on the Prize” and “Malignancy – also featuring an appearance from Chuck Billy, as well as Death Angel drummer Will Carroll and former Forbidden bassist Matt Camacho.

‘The Dark Parade’ features five-sixths of the personnel from MORDRED's acclaimed 1991 record “In This Life,” plus new drummer Jeff Gomes (formerly of Fungo Mungo and MIRV). The album is the follow-up to their acclaimed 2020 EP ‘Volition’ and their first full-length record since 1994's ‘The Next Room.’ The group return to the scene with a revitalized energy and successfully recapture their classic sound, which is rooted in thrash metal but veers off the straightforward path for more adventurous musical explorations by utilizing funk-infused musicianship and hip-hop influences. “The Dark Parade’ showcases a band that sounds as fresh now as they did during their initial decade of existence.


New 6-song EP, ‘Heart Set Stone,’ Out Today – In Stores and Online

Reunited Thrashers MANTIC RITUAL release the music video for “Life As Usual,” the opening track of their new 6-song EP, ‘Heart Set Stone.’ Watch HERE.

The song joins the previously released “Crusader” as the group’s first new music since their 2009 Nuclear Blast debut, ‘The Executioner’ and further highlights the band’s craft at melding inspirations into a raw, yet punchy and melodic based traditional blast of heavy music. The quartet also took a retro approach to the clip shooting entirely on a non-sync 16mm Bolex camera, shot by Randy Smith and colored by Randy and Chris Smalley with editing by Chris and singer/guitarist Dan Wetmore.

"The 'Life As Usual' video was shot entirely on 16mm using a non-sync Bolex," explains Dan. "For film fans, yes, this means all footage is entirely analogue for this video. Editing was very tedious because there is no audio playback reference, and even more difficult, older 16mm cameras do not shoot in time (and we did not have access to a crystal sync Bolex). The original raw footage constantly swayed between slight fast and slow motion with no predictable regularity. Being off even on frame makes a big difference, so strategic cuts and frame droppings got us as close as possible. Still, it's not perfectly in sync like most videos today, but we hope you dig it nonetheless."

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