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Wisconsin Thrash/Death Metal Act TOXIC RUIN Unveil Video for Title Track of New Album ‘Nightmare Eclipse’


Sheboygan, Wisconsin’s TOXIC RUIN have unleashed the music video for the title track of their forthcoming sophomore album (and M-Theory Audio debut) “Nightmare Eclipse.” The song shows off the group's concoction of energetic thrash metal laced with death metal brutality and clinical technicality. The lyric video can be viewed HERE, while the song itself is now available for streaming/download through all major digital music platforms.


"We are stoked to be finally getting new material out there for the world to hear! 'Nightmare Eclipse is so much fun to play and I'm sure it will get people moving when we bring it out live," states drummer Dave Miller. "This title track is a really good glimpse into what else we have in store for the rest of the album and I really think the metal masses are going to like it!"


The current lineup of TOXIC RUIN began writing and recording songs for “Nightmare Eclipse” while relentlessly touring the United States in 2019 alongside bands such as Lich King, Micawber and Stonecutters and playing multiple festivals including Full Terror Assault and Slam Dakota, plus winning 2nd Place in the 2019 edition of Wacken Metal Battle USA. The result is the band's most mature and complex material to date, while also being their heaviest display of metallic force so far. Guest appearances from guitarists Glen Drover (Eidolon/ex-Megadeth), Derek DeBruin (Micawber) and Nick Weyers (Aronious) provide additional ear candy for aficionados of guitar wizardry. The first taste of the metallic mayhem to come was revealed through the music video for their recently released single, “Ritual Rebirth.” That clip can be viewed HERE.

TOXIC RUIN was formed in 2014 with a mission of blending classic thrash metal, old-school death metal and modern technicality and tones into a wicked headbanging brew. Operating out of their collective hometown of Sheboygan, the band released their debut album, “Subterranean Terror,” in 2016. This opening serve showcased the group's already-burgeoning barrage of furious riffs and lyrical content ranging from the sociopolitical commentary of tracks such as “Seat of Corruption” to the beloved craving of a good drink on songs such as “Alcoholocaust.”


The group followed up that debut record with the release of their 2018 EP, “Mortal Insolence.” The effort saw the current lineup of TOXIC RUIN take shape with Behrendt stepping into the vocalist position and the debut of rhythm guitarist Blake Toltzmann alongside lead guitarist Jacob Baneck and drummer David Miller. The effort saw the group further evolve their sound, leading to praise from Dead Rhetoric for showcasing “a stronger level of confidence and insight into dynamic songwriting for a thrash band not content to rest on recycling the past, but rather creating a bright future."


“Nightmare Eclipse” – due to be released this summer – is the next evolution in blending the heavier sounds of metal's past with the modern musicianship of metal's present. More information on TOXIC RUIN's new record and pre-order will be revealed in the weeks to come by M-Theory Audio and at

Brazilian Extreme Progressive Metallers ABSTRACTED

Sign with M-Theory Audio

Full-length debut due later this year; new song “Decree of Sunlight” now live


The Brazilian progressive death metal act ABSTRACTED – whose sound blends the blistering technicality of acts such as Obscura and Edge of Sanity with moments evoking the melodic side of bands such as Opeth and Fates Warning – have signed with M-Theory Audio. The quintet's debut full-length, “Atma Conflux,” will be released worldwide later this year. In the meantime, a small sample of the group's scintillating sound can be experienced by viewing the visualizer video for their latest single, “Decree of Sunlight,” HERE. The song features a guest vocal appearance from Mike Semesky (Raunchy, Interloper), and is also available for streaming/download at


Says the band, “We are very humbled and equally excited to announce that we are now part of M-Theory's amazing roster of artists. It's a huge achievement to find people to work with us that really like what we are doing. We are setting things up for a new release later this year, and we can assure you that the wait will be worth it! We've been working on this album for four years now and have a critical mass of proggy mayhem to deliver, so stay tuned.”

"The first single, 'Decree of Sunlight,' is very melodic with some heavy tech/death-ish vibes in the middle that has become a huge part of Abstracted's way of writing. The song also features a guest vocal from the great Mike Semesky, known for his work with bands that we love like Intervals and The HAARP Machine. Spread the word and give us your feedback."


ABSTRACTED was formed in the band's hometown of Sao Paolo, Brazil in 2014. The group was initially birthed from the ashes of Nyth, a previous band that Rosano Matiussi (vocals/guitars) and Guilherme Nolasco (guitars) had been involved with. After their first live performance – rounded out by drummer Alexandre Dantas and then-bassist Allen Lordaro – the new group entered the studio to record an album showcasing a sound that was birthed by a love for bands that balanced metallic intensity with a propensity to stretch the progressive boundaries of the genre. ABSTRACTED took their name from a song by Swedish melodic death metal greats Scar Symmetry, and influences from other European acts such as Necrophagist and Gojira, American bands such as The Faceless and Between The Buried And Me, and genre giants such as Death and Coroner all formed the basis for the sound that the band explored on their thrilling 2015 debut EP, “Ophidian.” The recording of the EP saw new bassist Riverton Vivela enter the picture and featured guest appearances from Allegaeon guitarists Michael Stancel and Greg Burgess. The group continued to build their name in the years that followed while balancing scholastic pursuits with live appearances on festivals throughout their native country.


ABSTRACTED began recording their debut full-length, “Atma Conflux,” in 2018, and continued writing, crafting, and producing the record throughout 2019. The new album sees the group – which recently welcomed keyboardist Carol Claro – integrating synthesizers and orchestral keyboards into their already-expansive sound. With their lineup now fully solidified, a new album ready and live performances imminent soon, ABSTRACTED is poised to unleash their sound to the masses in 2021.


More information on ABSTRACTED and “Atma Conflux” will be revealed in the weeks to come.



Rosano Matiussi (vocals/guitars)

Guilherme Nolasco (guitars)

Riverton Vivela (bass)

Alexandre Dantas (drums)

Carol Claro (keyboards)

IMMORTAL GUARDIAN Unveils Video for Title Track of New Concept Album ‘Psychosomatic’


The extreme progressive/power metal group IMMORTAL GUARDIAN has unveiled a video for “Psychosomatic,” the title track of their acclaimed new concept album that was inspired by and recorded during the coronavirus pandemic. The clip can be viewed HERE.


"One thing we started noticing early on in the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 was the overwhelming number of friends that were getting sick only to find out they tested negative and never had the virus. Us included! There were so many moments where we were so convinced that we had covid because we felt all the symptoms and totally freaked ourselves out even though we never left the house. Just to take a test and find out we didn't have it and even feel the symptoms disappear after 24hrs. This was happening to so many people I know and we thought it would be a very interesting topic to write about," explains Gabriel Guardian. "This is not to take away from the seriousness of the virus and the harm it has actually done to some of our other friends and family. It's been a very rough year for all of us... But if there was something, we noticed did affect the majority, it was the big amounts of fear and  and confusion that literally made us all feel sick just from living through the experience. Our silent pandemic is psychosomatic."


“Psychosomatic” is the latest in a series of creative videos that IMMORTAL GUARDIAN has released in recent weeks. Last month, the group unveiled a clip for “Phobia,” which featured a guest appearance by Angra guitarist Marcelo Barbosa. Previously, their videos for “Clocks,” “Lockdown” and “Read Between The Lines” earned praise from the likes of MetalSucks, Metal Injection and Gear Gods.


After making a splash via their 2018 full-length debut “Age of Revolution” – which featured its own fair share of creative music videos, including the “Armageddon”-meets-telenovela “Stardust” – and through tours with the likes of Marty Friedman, Exmortus and Powerglove, IMMORTAL GUARDIAN gathered in Las Vegas at the beginning of 2020 to record their second album. As the spread of COVID-19 and the subsequent pandemic began to ensue, shutdowns around the world began being enforced, resulting in the band completely scrapping the record that they had been working on and writing and creating a new thematic record about their emotions surrounding current events. The resulting “Psychosomatic” was a truly multi-national record, with guitarist/keyboardist Gabriel Guardian – known for his uncanny ability to play the two instruments simultaneously – remaining in Las Vegas, singer Carlos Zema recording his vocals from his home in Brazil, drummer Justin Piedimonte tracking from Montreal, and bassist Joshua Lopez recording from IMMORTAL GUARDIAN's native Texas.


“Psychosomatic” is a product of the extraordinary turmoil of 2020 that affected millions of people around the world, as well as the next step in IMMORTAL GUARDIAN’s exhilarating melding of melodic power metal with progressive/shred tendencies. CD and limited-edition purple vinyl editions of “Psychosomatic” are available now HERE.

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