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M-Theory Audio recently announced the signing of extreme power trio KARRAS to their roster. The Parisian band return with a second sampling of the band’s sound with the video for new single “Roland Doe.” Inspired by old-school death metal and grindcore influence the group follows up the 8 second assault of “Demons Got Rhythm” with a longer track (2:11) showcasing different facets of the group’s repertoire. Dirge-ridden, dirty heaviness meets a rockin’ and grinding pummel equally compelling as the video showcasing the band performing in the famed catacombs of France - watch HERE 

“This second single from the album, ‘We Poison Their Young,’ tells the true story of a teenager who was the victim of demonic possession and was given the pseudonym ‘ROLAND DOE,’ explains bassist/vocalist Diego Janson.  “This young boy has descended into the Parisian catacombs with Karras. Here is his story, redefined.”

Both “Roland Doe” and “Demons Got Rhythm” showcase a highly versatile yet extreme album coming this fall from KARRAS. Watch for more news, music and preorders soon for sophomore album, ‘We Poison Their Young,’ which was produced, engineered and mixed by Etienne Sarthou at Hemlig Studio – France, while Cult of Luna guitarist Magnus Lindberg mastered it in Sweden at Redmount Studio. 

KARRAS formed in 2017 and were named as an ode to the life and death of Father Damian Karras from the cult horror film, The Exorcist. The trio are as equally compelling, sinister and evolving as the popular movie delivering a mix of punk-crust, grindcore and early ‘90s raw death metal. KARRAS made quite an impression on the European scene with 2020’s debut, ‘None More Heretic’ (Verycords). That and the forthcoming are intense displays of the band’s effort to resurrect Father Karras’ legacy and to give him a second chance but moreso to deliver a deafening way of reasoning. 

More information on KARRAS and the upcoming album release will be revealed in the weeks to come at and by M-Theory Audio. 


Debut Album, featuring members of Fallujah and Dawn of Ouroboros, out Aug. 25th

Tegmentum is a cosmic progressive metal project with Michael Ball producing the music and playing guitar, Chelsea Murphy (DAWN OF OUROBOROS, CAILLEACH CALLING) on vocals, Kenji Tsunami (ONTOGENY, NARCOTIC WASTELAND) on bass, and Andrew Baird (FALLUJAH) on drums. This project is formed with the intent of crossing over progressive metal styles with more extreme elements typically found in technical death metal bands.

"Tegmentum is humbled to be accepted into the M-Theory Audio family. The recognition they've given our unique sound means a lot, and we're immensely grateful for the chance to be featured among their roster of killer bands,” states Michael Ball.

“I was immediately struck by the names involved in Tegmentum,” explains M-Theory founder Marco Barbieri. “I already have a huge respect for the talents of Chelsea and Kenji, who I both know personally, and obviously recognize the popularity of Andrew’s work with Fallujah, but was sold after speaking to Michael and discovering the vision, professionalism and attention to detail given this new band. We’re excited to help Tegmentum present their music to the world.”

Today marks the debut of the awaited first sample of the band’s intense and progressive sound – check out “Accolades” (featuring guest Yvette Young (Covet) on violin) on all streaming/download platforms, and ensure you watch the beautiful and captivating music video created by bassist Kenji Tsunami HERE 

Additionally, preorders launch for the jewelcase CD and limited-edition (300 copies) golden grimace purple splatter colored vinyl (w/ insert and digital download code) HERE

“The cosmic theme of our concept album ‘Evolvement’ is an allegory for self-discovery that boldly explores an emotional spectrum of euphoric highs and very deep lows,” notes Michael Ball. “It represents a struggle with seemingly unknowable cosmic forces to create an emotional balance where light and dark elements can coexist.

We hope to create a captivating sound that pushes the progressive metal genre in a meaningful way. The extreme musical overtones give this project a unique edge while containing the hallmarks of top-tier progressive metal acts."

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