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WHITE WIZZARD Announces New Single ‘Viral Insanity’

Featuring Mark Boals on Vocals

Traditional/classic heavy metal group’s first music in three years to be released on March 24


Acclaimed U.S. metal traditionalists WHITE WIZZARD have announced their first release of new music in three years. The group’s new single, “Viral Insanity,” will be released digitally through M-Theory Audio (and in Japan via Trooper Music) on March 24 (pre-save HERE). The song – which sees band founder and bassist Jon Leon joined once again by guitarists James LaRue and Will Wallner – is the first WHITE WIZZARD recording to feature new drummer Jonathan Brown, a longtime fan of the band. Vocal duties for this single, meanwhile, were handled by respected heavy metal veteran Mark Boals (Yngwie Malmsteen, Dio Disciples, Royal Hunt, Ring of Fire).


“As a kid, Yngwie Malmsteen's ‘Trilogy’ album was my favorite, and I always thought the vocals and songs on that album were some of the best ever in heavy metal,” says Leon. “I wrote a song called 'Viral Insanity' after Covid-19 hit, and one thing led to another and I was put in touch with Mark. I felt the song was perfect for his voice. We all tracked at home, and I sent him my demos and he nailed it. Will and James just kill the leads, and it was a fun quarantine collaboration for us to do with a musical icon and hero of ours. We hope you enjoy it! We have much more to come in 2021 and beyond. Rock on and stay safe.”


WHITE WIZZARD have flown the flag high for traditional heavy metal since 2007, generating four full-length albums of melodic metal headbangers that are loaded with fast riffs and catchy choruses. The group's most recent full-length, 2018’s “Infernal Overdrive,” received positive reviews, with critics recognizing a band that was firing on all cylinders with inspiration from an expanded array of influences such as Rush, Led Zeppelin, and Metallica being seamlessly integrated into their existing blueprint.


The current lineup of WHITE WIZZARD was provided an extra injection of guitar greatness by the 2019 return of Wallner – who played on the group's 2013 record “The Devil's Cut” – to the fold, rejoining Leon and fellow guitarist LaRue. “Viral Insanity” also features a standout drumming effort from new member Brown and a vocal performance that reinforces why Boals has been a respected great in the genre for four decades.


More info on WHITE WIZZARD's plans for 2021 will be revealed in the weeks to come.

Dark Power Metal Masters SILVER TALON Unveil Teaser for

'As The World Burns'

New video to premiere March 10; full-length debut 'Decadence and Decay' due out this spring


Portland dark power metal group SILVER TALON has unveiled a teaser for “As The World Burns,” a new track from their forthcoming full-length debut album “Decadence and Decay.” A video for the song will premiere next Wednesday, March 10, but for now, you can get a sneak peek of the metallic assault to come HERE.


Scheduled for release later this spring, “Decadence and Decay” – the follow-up to the band’s 2018 acclaimed debut EP, “Becoming A Demon” – builds upon the thrilling combination of heavy metal hooks and guitar-driven virtuosity displayed by the band on their earlier effort. Highlights include “Resistance 2029” – which features a guest appearance by guitarist Andy La Rocque (King Diamond, Death) – and the blistering leadoff track, “Deceiver, I Am”. The latter track is currently streaming on all digital platforms, and a small amount of limited-edition 7-inch vinyl pressings backed with an exclusive B-side cover of Savatage's “Power of the Night” – which that band's co-founder, Jon Oliva, recently said “kicks ass” and praised as “the best Savatage cover I've heard” – are available for purchase HERE.

The complete track listing for “Decadence and Decay” – which features striking cover artwork from noted fantasy artist Gerald Brom (Doom, Diablo, Magic: The Gathering, World of Warcraft) – is as follows:


  1. Deceiver, I Am
  2. Resistance 2029 (feat. Andy La Rocque)
  3. As The World Burns
  4. Next To The Sun
  5. Divine Fury
  6. Kill All Kings
  7. What Will Be
  8. Touch The Void

With a virtuosic triple-guitar attack, a rumbling rhythm section and powerful vocals, SILVER TALON was birthed in 2017 after rising from the ashes of the acclaimed Pacific Northwest metal group Spellcaster. Guitarist Bryce VanHoosen joined forces with fellow ex-Spellcaster member Sebastian Silva – who also plays in goth-rockers Unto Others (formerly Idle Hands) – in a shared mission to keep the heavy metal flame burning brightly. Bolstered by the soaring vocal attack of Wyatt Howell (Sanctifyre), SILVER TALON began 2018 by unveiling two demo tracks, “Devil Machine” and “Warrior's End,” which showcased the group's ability to create fist-clenching, head-banging heavy metal through a combination of masterful hooks, lush melody and technical dexterity.


SILVER TALON subsequently built on this foundation with the release of their self-released debut EP “Becoming A Demon.” The EP saw the band return to the studio to re-record their original demos with Zach Ohren (Exmortus, Fallujah, Machine Head) alongside three new originals and a cover of Sanctuary's “Battle Angels” featuring that group's former guitarist (and future Nevermore/Arch Enemy guitar hero) Jeff Loomis. The release was praised by Dead Rhetoric as “a solid salvo for those who love mid-'80s U.S.-style power/heavy metal with occasional nods to Teutonic finesse” and “metal that has plenty of heaviness while being musically sharp, sophisticated and awe- inspiring.”


The group would further their reputation as masters of triumphant heavy metal with live performances alongside acts such as Exmortus, Unleash The Archers, Striker, The Absence, Powerglove and Hatchet, as well as a nationwide tour at the end of 2019 supporting Savage Master. VanHoosen's guitar prowess is also displayed through his YouTube channel HERE, which is updated regularly with play-through videos, guitar covers and product reviews.


More information about “Decadence and Decay” will be revealed next week.

IMMORTAL GUARDIAN Unveils Music Video For ‘Phobia’

(feat. Angra guitarist Marcelo Barbosa)

Extreme progressive/power metal group's acclaimed new concept album ‘Psychosomatic’ out now


IMMORTAL GUARDIAN has unveiled a music video for “Phobia,” the latest single from their acclaimed new concept album “Psychosomatic.” The clip, a narrative video that ties into the record’s pandemic-inspired theme, can be viewed HERE.


The video for “Phobia” – which features a guest guitar solo by Angra’s Marcelo Barbosa – is the band's latest examination of the events that changed the world in 2020, which drove the overall creative process and production of “Psychosomatic.” “As the pandemic first began, one thing that we saw happening to everyone – including ourselves – was an introduction of new phobias,” says keyboardist/guitarist Gabriel Guardian. “I started becoming scared of things that I used to like or not be scared of. Even just the thought of being in a crowd has a whole new meaning and feeling to it. Is it a phobia? Will we have to learn to deal with them, or will they go away when the pandemic is over? This song touches on the topics of these new phobias.”


Notably, the filming of “Phobia” was affected by the very real events of the outside world, as bassist/engineer Joshua Lopez and his wife contracted COVID-19 in January. Lopez recorded his parts for the music video while he was still in quarantine inside his home in the band's native Texas. Luckily, both Joshua and his wife were able to recover after suffering only mild symptoms. The video also saw drummer Justin Piedimonte contributing from his home in Montreal, Canada, and Gabriel Guardian recording his parts in his new home of Las Vegas alongside vocalist Carlos Zema, who recently relocated from his native Brazil after staying in lockdown for many months.


“Phobia” showcases Zema's high-flying vocals and Gabriel Guardian's dizzying abilities to play guitar and keyboard simultaneously. Guardian has shown off this unbelievable dexterity on MTV's “Amazingness,” and his unique dual-instrument covers of classics by the likes of Iron Maiden, Pantera and Guns N' Roses have garnered hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube.

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