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Anticipated Debut Album ‘Upon the Fields of Grief’ Out June 28th

Finland’s SHADE OF SORROW self-released three digital singles/videos catching the attention of devotees of melodic death metal and Scandinavian somber and wrenching heavy music. Now signed to M-Theory Audio we bring you another new track “Blackheart” shortly preceding the release of the band’s anticipated debut June 28th

”’Blackheart’ is pretty much everything that represents SHADE OF SORROW -- a blizzard of emotions and feelings, love and ultimate anger and hate boiled in bitterness and anguish,” describes Mika Kankainen. “Trust me, you will cry as you hear the chorus.”

You can listen to “Blackheart” now on all streaming/download digital platforms, or watch the music video HERE

“Blackheart,” like the previous singles/videos “No Return“, "Fabricated Hope”  and “Meteor” all come from the SHADE OF SORROW debut ‘Upon The Fields of Grief’ album, out June 28th. You can pre-order Digipak CDs or limited-edition colored vinyl (300 on onyx marble) now HERE or inform your local retailer to save you a copy. 

‘Upon the Fields of Grief,’ features striking cover art by Gogo Melone (Kamelot, Ablaze My Sorrow, Mariana’s Rest) with Mika Kankainen writing, performing all instruments and co-producing the full album. Working on ‘Upon the Fields of Grief,’ with him includes Esa Uusimaa (Crowen, Rain of Acid, Wolfheart), who also mixed, and Saku Moilanen (Before the Dawn, Aeonian Sorrow, Red Moon Architect) with vocal production by Juha Kylmanen (To/Die/For, For My Pain…). Mastering was handled by Juho Raiha (Before the Dawn, Swallow the Sun). And finally a few friends guested on the album, including Vageliss Karzis of Wolfheart and Rotting Christ (whose guitar solo is heard on “Blackheart.”) Now that this epic work is complete Mika is ready to share his bleak visions and strong performances with the world this summer.

“‘Upon The Fields Of Grief’ is a massive album with a wide variety of layers, emotions, feelings and different atmospheres,” explains Mika. “I will take you to the journey of your life, where basically all human emotions come alive and basic instincts attack like a fierce wolf of the north. Enjoy listening!”


 ‘Reclamation Pt II’ Out Aug. 30 – Pre-Order Now

AMIENSUS, still reveling in the critically acclaimed April album release of ‘Reclamation,’ launch the first single from ‘Reclamation’ companion piece. ‘Pt II’ continues where the US Progressive/Black Metal band left off with more lush, panoramic epics blending harsh conditions with chilling melodies and triumphant sorrows. Lead track “The Distance” shows further evidence of the band’s penchant and abilities, made even sweeter with the addition of guest vocals from Lars Nedland (Borknagar, Solefald). The single is available for streaming/download on all digital platforms, or watch the lyric video HERE 

“’The Distance’ was primarily written by one of the founding AMIENSUS members Joe Waller, who last participated with us on our 2020 split with Adora Vivos; and Joe was involved in the formation of the band and on the first two LPs [‘Restoration’ and ‘Ascension’],” explains singer/guitarist James Benson. “We were all very, very excited to have Joe contribute to ‘Reclamation Pt. II,’ and even more excited when Lars Nedland agreed to perform on this track. Lars simply asked for lyrics and took it from there - which was simply astonishing, as you can hear for yourself how beautifully he crafted the melodies on this song. It was a joy to take such a well-written song and have one of our music idols perform so perfectly on it!”

“The Distance” is just one of the songs planned to preview ‘Reclamation Pt II,’ which will be released August 30th on digital and CD, as well as a limited-edition colored vinyl (with digital download code). Pre-Orders launch today for these formats HERE