Sliver & Gold: by BACKYARD BABIES - limited 300 white
  • Sliver & Gold: by BACKYARD BABIES - limited 300 white


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In 2019, BACKYARD BABIES – one of Sweden's longest-running and most influential hard rock bands – celebrate their 30th anniversary with the release of their eighth studio album, “Sliver & Gold,” which will be issued in North America on March 29 via M-Theory Audio. The record – which was produced by the legendary Chips Kiesbye (The Hellacopters, Graveyard, Michael Monroe) – is now available on white vinyl (limited-edition 300 copies) and CD at this location – Vinyl also includes CD with bonus tracks.

In recent weeks, BACKYARD BABIES has previewed two new tracks from the record, which was described by singer/guitarist Nicke Borg as their “most intense and furious album to date” – the anthemic “Shovin' Rocks,” the music video for which can be seen here - , and album opener “Good Morning Midnight,” which can be heard here - “Sliver & Gold” (which is not a typo, by the way) contains eight additional sizzling new songs following the exact same recipe that made BACKYARD BABIES one of the most consistent rock bands of our time: a perfect balance between sleazy, punky, all-out party rock on one hand, and decidedly mature, thoroughly melancholic tunes on the other.

"Sliver & Gold" track listing: 1. Good Morning Midnight 2. Simple Being Sold 3. Shovin‘ Rocks 4. Ragged Flag 5. Yes To All No 6. Bad Seeds 7. 44 Undead 8. Sliver And Gold 9. A Day Late In My Dollar Shorts 10. Laugh Now Cry Later

Physical copies of “Sliver & Gold” will also include five bonus acoustic versions of songs from the group's storied past – "Th1rt3en or Nothing," "A Song For The Outcast," "Highlights, "Star War" and "Nomadic."

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